Are you tired of receiving mediocre patient satisfaction scores?

Would you like to retain and develop your employees?

Are you ready to increase your revenue while decreasing your costs?

Do you want to know how you and your team can be more engaged?

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Darlene is impactful,
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you’ll learn
  • 5 simple things you can do today to make a difference in you your work environment.
  • The secret to inspiring people to go above and beyond
  • How you can quadruple your income – by focusing on Innovation, Communication, Recognition, and Trust
  • And, most important, how to put the “care” back into health care

It’s a disservice to your patients to not learn these skills.


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Darlene Das has spoken at multiple events for our organization over the years, on topics ranging from customer service to personal growth, to team building and authenticity in business. We love having her as one of our speakers because she is dynamic, engaging, interactive, energetic, and our event participants love listening to her great insight. Darlene offers a wealth of knowledge in such a wide variety of topics, that we plan to continue to ask her back again and would highly recommend her.

Julie Hayes, Outreach Coordinator, Henderson County Tourism Development Authority

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