Camy Horrell
Director of Park Ridge Experience,
Park Ridge Health

“Part of the success of my relationship with Darlene has been the respect we have for each other and that we agree on a vision of providing world class service to all that we serve.”

Jason Wells
COO / Physician Enterprise,
Park Ridge Health

“What makes Darlene unique: Results. Many people can come in with great ideas, but actually staying engaged through implementation is a unique ability of Darlene’s People are will to adapt their practice styles and operational methodologies to truly change their businesses.”

Jimm Bunch
President and CEO,
Park Ridge Health

“Darlene has a tremendous love and appreciation for doing things the right way, in an ethical manner and with complete integrity.”

Melissa Sweeterman
Creative Coordinator,
Park Ridge Health
“Darlene is an exceptional speaker, and it’s obvious she’s at ease in front of large crowds.”

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